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wedding playlists – mercury sound style

October 4, 2015
My dad shreds the solo on

My dad shreds the solo on “Maybe I’m Amazed” during our wedding ceremony

I took a little hiatus from blogging this summer to get hitched – a month ago today, actually. As I shared after our engagement, my main focus during wedding planning was on building the perfect playlists. It was an intense summer in our house as I played the various iterations of my three lists ad nauseam hoping to eliminate any off notes or rough transitions. The lists all started out pretty huge so paring them down was the real challenge. My flight to Oregon the week before the wedding was spent listening to the dance mix and making notes about last-minute rearrangements. It sounds a little crazy when you put it all out there like that but without the services of a professional DJ I felt a LOT of pressure to be sure I was cultivating a mix that would fit the day well and of course, inspire an epic dance party. I am happy to report that my borderline-neurotic levels of work paid off and the playlists were successful on all fronts. I hadn’t really planned to share them here but I got a few requests from my guests so I thought, what the heck. Maybe they’ll prove helpful for another DIY bride down the road. I had three separate lists for our wedding: Pre-Ceremony, which is all slower-tempo love songs to set the mood. Post-Ceremony, which brings the energy up during dinner before dancing. And Dance Party, which should be obvious. I didn’t set out to make the dance party list essentially chronological through the decades but once I got going and it naturally shook out that way I just ran with it. So here they are, my three playlists from my best day ever.

Disclaimer: a lot of these songs were picked for sentimental or nostalgic reasons so this isn’t the same thing as just my Top Favorite songs. This is what they call a real world application, people :)


The ceremony also had a gorgeous violin & guitar version of “All of My Love” and an original song, “Buttercup,” penned and sung by my dad.

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