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29th birthday wishlist

October 7, 2013

My birthday (and John Lennon’s) is coming up Wednesday. As I’m entering the last year of my twenties I’m no longer much into making wishlists but this October it seems like the universe is raining down too many gifts not to acknowledge them. So I thought, why not compile some of the highlights? Any of you other Libras out there, feel free to steal ideas…

The veteran Los Angeles Times’ music critic has spent years putting together what promises to be one of the most comprehensive portraits of The Man in Black. The book comes out on October 29th and I’ve been awaiting this one for awhile now.

I saw the 1972 Sunshine Daydream concert in the movie theater on Jerry Garcia’s  birthday this year. It definitely lived up to the hype. The music is fantastic, the footage is excellent, and the fact that it takes place in my native Oregon is  really just the cherry on top. Sunshine Daydream was released on DVD in September. If you don’t have it yet, this is one you’ll want to add to your library.

The is the most highly anticipated film of the year for me. The sweet swampy magic of Muscle Shoals is nothing short of legendary and just the trailer for this documentary leaves me with goosebumps. Limited theater engagements begin in select cities this Friday. If I end up going every night for a full week, I expect no judgement because you’ve been warned.

This is a wishlist, right? ;)


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