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happy 70th birthday mick jagger!

July 26, 2013

Mick Jagger performing onstage old and youngI can honestly say, after seeing the Rolling Stones in Chicago a couple months ago, that I have never seen a nearly-70-year-old man move like Mick Jagger. (Note to Maroon 5: This observation is in no way a justification for that garbage-bag single of yours.) Frankly, it would be a little alarming if all 70-year-old men did move like Mick Jagger. Though I do kind of like the visual of a senior community erupting in spontaneous shimmying and prancing and rock-god preening.

Seriously though, I was blown away by Jagger’s performance prowess. Of course I’d read reviews of other shows and knew to expect that time was indeed still on Mick’s side but I was thoroughly impressed nonetheless. It got me thinking of how different age-perception really is to my generation. Maybe not to a lot of my generation, who are generally uninterested in the old-man-rocker crowd that I choose to run with, but to some of us, those who are watching rockers stretch the limits of what are widely considered the twilight years, it’s kind of a revelation. Of course rock stars aren’t your typical grandparents, and their life courses have generally steered pretty far from the Winnebago and Bunco eventualities, but they’re still just old dudes. And they’re still rockin’. Just yesterday 71-year-old Paul McCartney told Rolling Stone that he can’t imagine retiring.

Young Jagger’s own famous proclamation that he’d “rather be dead than playing ‘Satisfaction’ at 45” is a testament to what a vastly different world we live in now. I’d like to thank the aging rocker community for their stamina, endurance, and commitment. Being born in 1984, if y’all weren’t still out there doing what you do, then I’d never have gotten to see it, and if I’d never gotten to see it I might have been stuck listening to “Moves Like Jagger” instead of watching Jagger move.

So cheers Sir Mick, and long may you run.

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  1. bill permalink
    June 6, 2015 5:44 pm

    My nomination for a song to be included in the wedding soundtrack… “Blue” the Jayhawks

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