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the winter of my discontent

February 23, 2013

IMG_4550Okay, Minnesota: Joke’s over. Moving up here from Texas was hard enough, and I know last winter was a mild one but these temperatures have got to go. It’s been a long while since we got above freezing, but the 10-day forecast looks cautiously optimistic (read: no single digits on the horizon).  In honor of that forecast, and March rolling in next week, I assembled my Dear God, Is It Spring Yet? Playlist. I’m not a cold-weather girl, even for all the times my air conditioning broke in Austin, or the times I sweat through my clothes on a walk to the grocery store, or the time my sister and I actually resorted to cradling an ice block in order to be outside – it wasn’t half as bad as living in this cruel, perpetually sub-freezing, joke. Personal diatribe aside, I’m sure a lot of you all over the country are starting to itch for spring. Ready for tulips, and sunshine, and maybe even sandals. So I dedicate this playlist to all of you. Groundhog, you better not have lied to us.

  • Here Comes the Sun” – The Beatles
  • “You Can Never Hold Back Spring” – Tom Waits
  • “Warm It Up to Me” – Blind Willie McTell
  • “Just a Little Heat” – The Black Keys
  • “One Way Out” – The Allman Brothers
  • “Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season)” – The Byrds
  • “Getting Better” – The Beatles
  • “Out of the Cold” – Amos Lee
  • “Temporary Like Achilles” – Bob Dylan
  • “A Change is Gonna Come” – Sam Cooke
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