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gig grab bag: hand of fate

October 26, 2012

gig grab bag logoToday is the day of reckoning. Tickets to the Rolling Stones’ two Newark dates go on sale at 12ET. Tickets for the two London shows sold out in 7 minutes, so my hopes of getting a ticket today are realistically low, but I am still going to try. The boys have dropped more than a few hints that there will be a tour to follow these dates, but without confirmation I can’t sit back and hope for that to happen. I’ve never seen The Rolling Stones and they are at the absolute tip-top of my bucket list. Maybe that’s why this song is doing it for me today. My Rolling Stones destiny is now in the “Hand of Fate.” Black and Blue is actually one of my favorite Stones albums. I equate it to Dylan’s Street Legal (which I also love). Most critics don’t dig it, and it’s something of a non sequitur in their catalog, but there are some real gems to be found in its grooves.

If you’re also trying to get tickets today I wish you luck, just so long as I get mine first… :)

Quo fata ferunt. 

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  1. October 26, 2012 10:21 am

    UPDATE: This post is already outdated since tickets apparently sold out in the 15 maddening seconds it takes a human being to decipher Ticketmaster’s cuneiform captchas….

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