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hungarian rhapsody: queen live in budapest

September 28, 2012

Last night the boyfriend and I went to a big-screen showing of the newly released concert film Hungarian Rhapsody: Queen Live in Budapest. The film is from the 1986 European Magic Tour, which also included such iconic shows as their massive Wembley and Knebworth gigs. This as-close-to-the-Eastern-bloc-as-possible show is a serious treasure. The behind-the-scenes footage that precedes the concert and is interspersed throughout is inconsistently interesting but gives the film an added depth. Although I was not quite 2 years old in the summer of ’86 I should’ve seriously toddled my ass across the Atlantic for this tour, which would turn out to be Queen’s last. Freddie Mercury is a frontman force of nature, and his soaring voice over a theater sound system pinned me to my seat from start to finish. The band tears through a deliciously satisfying setlist, including the best version I’ve seen of “I Want to Break Free.” The only real distractions are John Deacon’s ridiculous outfit choices (could he be the dorkiest bass player in bass player history? Possibly, though I know that is a competitive field). I think the limited theater run is over now, but look for the film to hit DVD and Blu-Ray later this fall. Add it to your Christmas lists folks.

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