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and as we wind on down the road…

July 12, 2011

Texas Road TripThat Mercury Sound is moving! After 18 lovely months in Austin, Texas I am packing up and heading to the great white north – Minneapolis, Minnesota. I’ve been there a total of once (two weeks ago) and know next to nothing about it. I’ve heard good things about the music scene though, and am looking forward to checking it out. But, before I can start my new Midwestern life I have to get there… cue the Road Trip.

My sister, musician extraordinaire and the greatest travel partner a girl could ask for, is going to make the trek with me. The directions are simple enough – get on I-35 North, get off in Minneapolis (literally), so at least that part’s easy. And I’m alllllmost packed, but now comes the really important issue – the road trip playlist.

A road trip playlist is a fickle beast. It has to be just the right mix of familiarity, sing alongability, and tempo to really propel you across the country. We’ll be driving through such breathtaking vistas as Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa – so this mix really has to not suck.

My roadtrip genres of choice trend towards oldies, classic rock, and 80’s power ballads.  I’m always leery of putting anything too super new on the mix, if it hasn’t withstood the test of time yet, odds are it won’t withstand the test of repetition on the road weary.  It’s really also no time for sincere emotional introspection – this is why Eddie Money makes the list, but Tim Buckley does not.

It is both a welcome and daunting task, for when the perfect road trip playlist is assembled it can become an indispensible partner in your battle against boredom. I am working to create just such a mix over the next few days. Are there any driving songs you just can’t live without?

musicnotes “Hang on Sloopy” – The McCoys, maybe my favorite car song of all time. What’s yours???

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