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warner music treasure trove

November 9, 2010

NY Times Article on Warner Music ArchivesA modern day treasure trove has been discovered. This New York Times article about the physical archives of Warner Music Group is tantalizing to say the least. Warehouses full of rock & roll memorabilia??? Ray Charles’ first contract with Atlantic Records??? A hand-written history of Atlantic penned by none other than its co-founder Ahmet Ertegun??? You might as well just call it a warehouse full of Holy Grails.

This article touches on the nostalgia for an era when rock & roll was a tactile medium – when “album art” was more than the 1 square inch of graphic that shows up on your iPod display. Part of what keeps my vinyl collection growing is that desire to actually study the faces on Sgt. Pepper. There’s something really magical about a physical manifestation of music – be it photographs, records, or even recording contracts. It’s something that no amount of mp3s or pdfs could ever replace.

The article talks about how much money this archive could be worth but to me it’s priceless. I just hope they get these treasures properly cataloged and stored before time has its corrosive way with them. And, if anyone from Warner is reading this and they need any extra hands to sort through the wonders, I’m your girl :)

Read the story here: Scratching Under the Vinyl Era (NY Times, 11/8/10) And be sure to check out the “More Photos” link – great stuff there.

Many thanks to my dear friend and former professor Carl Woideck for passing this story along – ever the coolest cat I know…

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  1. Carl Woideck permalink
    December 7, 2010 10:53 pm

    YOU are the essence of cool! Say hi to the Magnolia Cafe and Maudie’s if you get the chance.

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