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dylan announces summer tour dates!

June 21, 2010

Okay y’all, this was almost too much for me to handle today. First I get an email saying that Dylan has announced this summer’s leg of his never-ending tour. This is reason enough for me to freak out. So I open the email, and my heart rate is probably up somewhere around 120 beats per minute. And then I see that he’s kicking off his U.S. dates right here in Austin on August 4th at The Backyard! All right, my heart rate is officially at 140 – I’m now getting a cardio workout just calling my sister to share the great news. Weird? Maybe.

Bob Dylan on stageTrust me, I’ve heard the haters. “He doesn’t sound like he used to.” “You can’t sing along.” “Screw singing along you can’t even tell what the song is.” Let me say that there is probably no faster way to get me irrationally angry then to wage this argument with me. It’s Bob Dylan people. He’s been singing these songs for almost 50 years. If you want to sing along, go see a cover band. If you want to see a living legend perform the songs he wants to sing the way he wants to sing them, go see Dylan. This summer’s show will be my tenth time seeing him live and let me tell you, it’s worth it.

I saw him a few summers ago at Virgin Fest in Baltimore, and I don’t know whose idea it was but Dylan was on right before Kanye West (thank you random festival lineup organizers). Now, I’m not a violent person but I almost had to knock out a whole slew of 15-year-olds who were so anxious to see Kanye that they were actually booing Dylan. And not in the “Dylan went electric and now I’m calling him Judas” way either. It was an ugly scene, and left me disproportionally distraught about the state of the youth in America. So, lesson learned: when Dylan is sandwiched in between Kanye West and Lil’ Wayne I should probably skip it. But otherwise, there’s hardly anything that could stop me from catching his shows. Hopefully he’s coming to a town near you, so you can do the same…

Click here to see Dylan’s summer U.S. tour dates.


“If You Ever Go to Houston” from Dylan’s most recent album Together Through Life  – If you ever go to Austin/Fort Worth or San Antone/Find the bar rooms I got lost in/And send my memories home”

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